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from datetime import datetime
import json
from uuid import uuid4

FACTOR = 10**6

def to_timestamp(dt, epoch=datetime(1970, 1, 1)):
    td = dt - epoch
    return (td.microseconds + (td.seconds + td.days * 86400) * FACTOR) / FACTOR

[docs]class DomainEvent(object):
[docs] def __init__(self, routing_key=u"", data={}, domain_object_id=None, uuid_string=None, # only set if recreated from json repr timestamp=None, # only set if recreated from json repr retries=0, **kwargs): """ Define a Domain Event. :param str routing_key: The routing key is of the form ``<DOMAIN>.<EVENT_TYPE>``. The routing key should be a descriptive name of the domain event such as ``user.registered``. :param dict data: The actual event data. *Must* be json serializable. :param str domain_object_id: Domain identifier of the event. This field is optional. If used, it might make search in an event store easier. :param str uuid_string: This UUID identifier of the event. If left ``None``, a new one will be created. :param float timestamp: Unix timestamp. If timestamp is None, a new (UTC) timestamp will be created. :param int retries: Number of times this event was delivered to a subscriber already. """ self.routing_key = routing_key = data self.domain_object_id = domain_object_id self.uuid_string = uuid_string if uuid_string is None: self.uuid_string = str(uuid4()) self.timestamp = timestamp if timestamp is None: timestamp = to_timestamp(datetime.utcnow()) self.timestamp = timestamp event_data = self.__dict__.copy() self.event_data = event_data self.retries = retries
[docs] @classmethod def from_json(cls, json_data): """ Create a DomainEvent from ``json_data``. Note that you probably want to dispatch first based on domain and event type. :param str json_data: Serialized domain event data. :rtype: DomainEvent """ try: json_data = json_data.decode('utf-8') except AttributeError: pass return cls(**json.loads(json_data))
def __repr__(self): return u"DomainEvent('{0.routing_key}', '{}', (domain_obj_id: {0.domain_object_id}, uuid: {0.uuid_string}))".format(self) # noqa __str__ = __repr__ def __eq__(self, other): return self.event_data == other.event_data